The competitive element of that bit really rubbed me the wrong way. It seemed a bit forced and artificial, and even if it has any merits, I prefer the old fashioned "pulling together to thwart a common foe", while taking a dim view of those who would take advantage of that situation. Same applies to my own character: I don't want her to be the de facto saviour of the universe, just to be someone who does the right thing. Whatever that is, in the context of RPGs.

There was also a recent comment (I forget whose, sorry) about the characters being a bit too obviously programmed. I think is was compared to DOS, though it immediately had me thinking about e.g. Dragon Age Inquisition, where certain triggers and banter felt much more organic. Okay, that had its own problems with the persistent party banter bug but I think the companions did feel much more "real". Not even because of the dialogue and certainly not its voicing (not least since it and DOS and DOS:II share their most well-known VA), but just a matter of how it happened, I think.

J'aime le fromage.