the main problem I saw when I fought that battle was that you'll loose the rest of your turn the moment you kill the wawe and spawn more.
as a work around I can suggest to use the delay turn to get the last initiative with whole your party. then when the voidwoken will spawn you'll loose the turn of the killer, but the rest will go after the spawned.

also...normally? when you approach encounter you see paladins fighting voidwokens. there are at least 3 ways to proceed:
1) approach with party(or with one, especially in multiplayer where only 1st character will have a chance to roll init and others will go last)
2)jump on a high ground(maybe even with stealth). if you choose the lest side you'll have the benefit of fighting enemies one-by-one. cuz there is only 1 voidwoken per wave. if you choose the right side you'll be able to take a tower and you'll have a constant high ground. both ways are viable
3)you can wait til all paladins are dead. then you will not have to worry about accidentally angering them.
...oh, right... just remembered:
4)you can throw deathfog into them. there are 2 barrels near Lady Vengeance crash site

I though your 3rd problem is a result of lots of necrofire in the area... you can zoom out and it'll become much brighter.

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