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Voidwoken can cast corpse explosion and cursed fireball. So keep away from corpses and teleport away corpses. Also use Evasive Aura and increase fire resistance.

Thanks but I don't need tips for this encounter. Corpse Explosion is one of the first things I know they can do cause that's one of the very first things they tend to do when you join combat if you approach on ground level, which is the most likely scenario. Why do you think they placed two corpses conveniently near the combat trigger point? There's only one in classic edition. One possible scenario is that the boss Voidwoken and one Vampire Voidwoken will use back-to-back Corpse Explosion on the two corpses, dealing a huge total amount of damage to your party. How do I know this? Because that's what happened in one of my retries. Apparently the Corpse Explosion in your face trick was cool enough they HAD to add a second one. But like I said, I didn't complain because I had trouble BEATING this.

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