Hello guys and cool to be on this forum! I recently started making a big campaign for some friends in GM mode and thought i'd try making one of the scenes in the editor so i could fully customise it with dialogues and stuff. Everything worked fine and I learnt ALOT. Had some startup problems but made it work by going into the path and running the editor as an admin (Here's where things went wrong!!)
Turns out the editor i started was for classic edition, and all of the gm campaign is in def ed.. I spent soo much time on this level, is there any way to make it work in def ed? Like convert the addon or whatever?

Also i still cant start def ed engine. Just crashes on startup.
Any helps and tips are deeply appreciated. Im no computer genius so dont assume i know programming stuff!

Made level/addon in divinity engine 2 for classic ed.
Made GM campaign in Def ed.
Can i make this work somehow?

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