Nice to hear from you again! smile Yeah, I figured mod compatibility would be rather wonky. But you already said that some "must have" stuff like faster movement speed outside of combat will be included in your mod already. And I don't really care for skill or class mods as the vanilla game and your overhaul already have more than enough classes, spells, effects and skills to choose from. smile I'm very excited to see your hard work starting to come to fruition so my wife and I can finally play through the game after we stopped halfway through because we were just too annoyed by the current combat systems. smile Finally the "each battle is a puzzle" system will be back!

Btw, if you intend to change around hp/damage/money/etc scaling be careful with the difference is scaling for magic damage. Things like the less bloat mod try to address this making a 5% instead of 7% scaling to magic damage but even then some numbers are just not where they should be. Larian for some reason decided to make just a handful of spells scale different - which you would never notice in the game without changes to global level scaling. And if you touch it in any way I would recommend changing potions and poison potions to be percentage based to up to 40% for the largest one to be balanced with the new HP values. (especially poison - which the author of reduced numbers bloat forgot as he didn't think about zombie healing from poison)

I hope you have a massive list of changes so we can get a "changelog" when you release the mod. (especially things like faster movement speed which are added ontop of your new core mechanics) Wishing you all the best!