I guess I probably should give a progress report.

Hoping to have something to release soon. Ideally, in a month.. Unforeseen issues have been popping up. Like for instance I just spent the last week rewriting ~400 thousand lines of code to work around a limitation I don't think was present in classic. Using a hacky feeling method I ended up fixing that issue and shortening the script to ~13 thousand lines, but due to a separate issue I needed another workaround that ended up extending the script to around 40 thousand lines. With other work that still needs done, lots of abilities still need some additional scripting but I don’t expect that to take long. Still need to redo localization again. Got lots of smallish stuff I simply haven't gotten around to that I generally don't expect to take long. I’m almost done replacing all the placeholder effects throughout my mod but even so I still have a fair amount to do on that front.

Here’s a video of one such effect:

So basically still lots to do but everything is shaping up well. For a while the mod didn’t actually have a lot of work done on it (Maybe 10ish hours a week) but starting ~2 months ago I found the time I needed and have been working on it non-stop for up to 80 hours a week so things are progressing way faster.
For now I’m focusing almost exclusively on getting the base overhaul gameplay ready, but I have plans for what’s to come afterwards.

Anyways, here are some things you should expect from the mod following its release:

A "Specialist" class will be introduced, which does absolutely nothing on it's own. Instead, you'll be able to choose at the start of the game what it does via mutually exclusive talents. Both Crafter and Druid are slated to be moved to this, and I will be introducing more classes to this as time goes on. It's not possible to add new classes directly (Which is why every mod simply uses base game classes), and my mod is no different, with new classes just being renamed old ones. So this is a good middle ground. It'll allow me to add as many classes as I want, and if two classes simply don't make sense to be taken together they will be, by nature, mutually exclusive.
Some classes I intend to add:

Beastmaster; Gain a permanent animal companion (Wolf, Bear, Boar, etc.) to follow you. You'll be able to control it in battle and it will have a small selection of abilities. Putting points into Specialist will give you abilities to buff or assist your companion, and your companion will also gain a few select abilities depending on it's type.

Dragon Disciple; Gain aspects of a dragon as your Specialist goes up, eventually gaining the ability to potentially turn into a dragon under certain conditions and gaining permanent draconic wings.

Necromancer; Separate from Witchcraft. Harvest components from defeated enemies to be able to place bodies of your own on a later battlefield, which are usable for things such as Bone Cage. More importantly, useable in class skills such as Bone Golem, requiring 5 bodies in a small area to summon a powerful amalgamation of Bones.

The Specialist class is also how compatibility with other class mods should be handled, such as Umbra, Vampire, or Constellationist. Naturally compatibility patches will still be 100% necessary, but it should serve to make them feel a lot more integrated, and have less potential for being overpowered.

Also, Crafter will be seeing an overhaul from its current iteration. I’m not happy with how it turned out so it’s undergoing an overhaul and will be released later. For now it’s not going to be included in the mod. As far as what the overhaul will look like:
Instead of simply being limited use abilities, a crafter’s abilities will typically require reagents. Simply place the reagents on the battlefield from your inventory and cast skills on them like a Necromancer on a body. Most machines will typically require scrap metal, and an Oil barrel will probably be worthwhile to carry around.
Skills may include:

Animate Armor; The targeted armor will begin to act on it’s own, gaining the stats of the armor in question. It will also pick up and equip nearby weapons and other armor (Such as leggings, gloves), and gain abilities depending on the type of stuff picked up. It’s unlikely you’ll get what the summon used back when it dies or times out.

Refuel; Target a nearby Oil Barrel to gain a stack of Oil.

Gravity Manipulator; Target any Earth Essence on the battlefield. If you are carrying scrap metal and have a stack of Oil or an Oil Flask, consume them and create a Gravity Manipulator at the Earth Essence’s location.
The Gravity Manipulator will slow down all characters in a ~7 meter radius, with the strength of the slow dependent on the tier of Earth Essence used, with later tiers applying additional statuses. Can be destroyed.

There’s also a lot of smaller stuff I’d very much like to do, to name a few off the top of my head:

Racial abilities. Small changes to abilities based on race - This is more for flavor than anything and shouldn't wildly influence which race you take. But I always disliked how races were handled in the base game. Most races will have a handful of these changes per class. Some examples; Lizards will have a slightly better version of Dragonhide, Undead will have undead versions of Druidic transformations, and Dwarves will have defensive skills in general slightly buffed (Such as Fortify or Stalwart Defense). Other skills will simply have to be discovered ingame.

Uniques. Probably similar to Epic Encounters for DOS1 - Random drops from enemies that could be potentially build-defining and level up with you. I have some ideas such as potentially unique runes but nothing super-solid, definitely something I look forward to creating though.

New and overhauled encounters.
All encounters in the game will of course be changed to fit within my systems. But as of right now you won’t be finding shapeshifting druids to fight. That aside lots of fights will probably get substantial changes to be more engaging.

Overall I’m excited to get this out there and am getting impatient myself. At the end of the day all I really want is for DOS2 to be the tactical masterpiece I know it could have been. I feel like I had more I wanted to say but no idea what it was. Back to work. smile