According to the recent PC Gamer article, the Baldur's Gate III combat system will not feature attack rolls having a chance to miss their targets as per D&D and Baldur's Gate tradition/standard. The justification given for this decision is that the hit-or-miss combat "doesn't work" in a video game format.

Look, I get it. If a game has RtwP combat, having to wait around for your character to make a successful hit, especially on early character levels, can be a frustrating experience. However, I ask that you guys reconsider this decision. Having a bit of frustration early on is not a bad thing in an RPG, in fact it lets you appreciate more the journey your character makes from a level 1 scrub to a higher level, highly competent, expertly geared adventurer. It's ludonarrative resonance at its finest.

Both of the previous installments of this franchise utilized hit-or-miss combat mechanics masterfully. Please don't be so quick to abandon a staple of the genre just so that your game could throw more instant gratification to the players' feet right out of the package. Take a stance in favor of RPG mechanics and reimplement this feature, for the good of your game and for the sake of offering a more genuine experience.

Thanks for reading.

PC Gamer article: