I just like the option to pause the game when I need to re-direct orders (difficult battle).
But I also love it when I can just "let go" and watch my party wreak havoc on their own (easy battle).

"Look at Minsc go...awesome! Yes cleave that ogre in half.
Oh great buffs Jaheira. Edwin magic artillery gooooooo ! fricking rules!
Viconia, perfectly timed heal...bravo!"


The sitting back and relaxing and enjoying the show is very amusing to me.
The tactical difficult bossfights where you have to pause and think and plan are great too.
I simply love both.

BG2 was perfect in that way imho.
With improved AI this shouldn't be a problem.

p.s.: I also love setting up ai-formations, tactics, ways to react, etc

p.s 2.: hi everyone !