I want turn based. I'm not looking for a "D:OS clone" - I just want something that is true to how D&D is actually played. Calling any turn based fantasy game a D:OS clone is as bad as calling every ARPG a Diablo clone or every FPS a Goldeneye clone. There's room for more than one game in each genre. XCOM and D:OS are the only games that really come to mind when I think of turn based top downs - and I can't think of a single turn based top down that uses D&D core rules. As a fan of all three, D:OS, BG, and D&D, I want something that comes as close to actual D&D as possible, because it's never been done before. If I want RTwP, I have an absolute metric ton of wonderful games to choose from. If I want actual D&D in a video game, I have no good options. Sequels aren't limited to the genre of their predecessors, they should evolve into a better game - just look at the step Risk of Rain recently took.

I'm still going to buy and play it either way, for sure - Larian already has my money. But I really just want actual D&D in a video game for the first time ever.