Also, I just don't get the sense of achievement and satisfaction from killing a big bad enemy (a dragon, for example) in TB as I do in RTwP. In TB, after inflicting damage little by little over many turns across many rounds I finally inflict that last little bit of damage with one of my characters that causes the big bad enemy to fall, rather than feeling accomplishment, all I feel is a sense of relief that the stupid battle is finally over.

Furthermore, one of the most common complaints I have seen about RTwP combat is that it is too "chaotic." Yet for me, this is a complaint I just cannot understand, because for me combat SHOULD be chaotic. I want combat to be messy and confusing and chaotic, because that is what makes it real and evokes tension in me and gets my blood pumping. TB combat is far too clean and neat and orderly and "perfect." I feel like I'm just going through the motions, following a predetermined and set algorithem for exactly what I need to "optimally" do to win the battle.