I expect Larian will nail the gameplay nuances well.

The aspect I am unsure of is whether they will nail the feel, aesthetic and auditory qualities of Baldur's gate.
They really, truly need to nail the art.

*Portrait art was so crucial in grounding the games characters. They need to employ an artist that will depict characters rich with suggestion and curiosities.

*The interface should avoid modern overtones such as floating text boxes. The original games could use simulated elements
such as stone, leather, bronze, wood..... grounded elements that gave the interface a sense of presence. That isn't to say
it should'nt be trimmed down, but that the interface should feel tangible. I guess given the flesh tearing Mind Flayer on display, organic elements might also work.

*Its buttons should have weight.
Never underestimate the satisfaction of a click of mouse or press of a button. Diablo didn't.
Just you open up Baldur's Gate 1 and click the menu buttons. The feeling of pressing a stone button has such character.
Please ignore any aesthetic "Improvements" Beamdog/Overhaul did for the re-release. Those were like George Lucas painting cheesy CG over Star Wars. Kind of embarrassing.

*If the series did one thing well it was distilling entire characters into memorable catch phrases. Even if your characters are fully voiced, lean into their battle cries to help set your characters personalities apart.

*Be visually consistent. All the portraits should look in the same style, all the armor should look like it belongs in the same world. Don't overdo it. This is not an anime.
Make a decision on how grounded the game will be and stick to it. The original game was very grounded in a traditional medieval landscape. The sequel had a little more exotic influence, but it was all LORE centered. Consistent.

*Consistent narrative. If I were to imagine what this could look like, I would say a very grounded world that punctuates exotic elements. The characters of the world are likely used to a very traditional medieval fantasy life, but the adventure can be in discovering with new eyes the magic and exotic elements of the world that should not just be taken for granted strewn about the world. A world like Planescape is more suited to taking for granted exotic oddities like ^^ Floating cities. Unless our characters are world travellers and lifelong adventurers, they should still have a sense of wonder about the world. If these things are introduced, maybe a wise character like I just described would be ideal as a mentor type figure to initiate into a fantastical situation.

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