Yeah I'm a Forgotten Realms lore junkie, so the game keeping its lore straight is very important to me.

Re. the look and feel of the game, I don't think we are going to get a game that looks and feels like the original games. Sorry. The reason I say this is the following. This game is indisputably a AAA game. None of the Infinity Engine games, the NwN games, the recent crop of so-called "cRPG renaissance" games, or even the D:OS games are AAA. And if you are going to make a AAA game, you are playing at a completely different level. As a simple illustration, we all know that D:OS2 sold exceedingly well. If BG3 sells double, even triple what D:OS2 sold, it would be a huge failure and financial disaster for Larian. BG3 needs to sell a minimum of 10 million, and likely closer to 20 million copies for it to be considered a success as a AAA title. That means it needs to satisfy a gaming audience well beyond people like us, people who are hardcore RPG niche gamers, and reach the casual mainstream gamer audience. So no clunky UIs, no isometric perspective, lots of "help" for the player, a modern look and feel, high-end graphics, etc.