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I don't think this poll, or any other poll, is of much value because I'm sure Larian had already decided the game was going to be TB a long time ago.

Basically the reason why I've been hesitating to post any sort of "suggestions" or "ideas" on here. God knows we made tons of suggestions back in the DOS2 days before DOS2DE came out, and even before that, when patches for DOS2 were still being rolled out constantly, and what happened to all those suggestions? As a hardcore BG fan who's been playing/modding the games for years, I do have my own thoughts I'd like to share, but to be honest, I'm not sure how receptive the crew at Larian are toward all the suggestions we make on here. I'm sure they *read* most, if not all, what we post, but, well. For now I'm content with lurking and reading others' posts.

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