I think Misses are very important in a D&D game like Baldurs gate.

The question is: Is it RTwP (real time with pause), or TB (Turn based)

If it is RTwP then misses are easy to include.... You can sit back a little and watch the show a bit.

TB however you would need to change the rules, because misses are not as much fun in turn based... Xcom and DoS2 are TB... hence why people who play these games don't like misses (didn't worry me too much though)....

If you were to play a TB game like this (and I so hope they don't)... You could reduce the misses by using some sort of logarithmic algorithm on the difference between the roll and the target number (THAC0 - AC etc), and apply that to the damage (percentage on top of an already random roll). That could work, but messier IMO

TLDR: IMO misses are ok in RTwP, and if misses were reduced with a TB play, it would deviate from D&D too much