Play Temple of Elemental Evil with the patches/fixes available from the modding folks over at Circle of Eight. Turn based combat in a D&D game does not have to feel slow at all, if it is implemented with the appropriate mechanics and gives players the options they can get at a PnP table as much as possible. RtwP would honestly feel more appropriate if they are going to continue the Baldur's Gate franchise/naming convention, but as a fan of PnP and the mechanical side of D&D I find turn based combat to be great fun when it's done right. I've never actually played Divinity 2: Original Sin, though I did play a bit of Divine Divinity. I am just commenting on the fact that good and bad D&D games have been made with real time with pause as well as turn based combat. Combat can be fun in either system, it is more a matter of making it fun, challenging and engaging.