Every single person who posts a long-winded, patronizing, argumentative post about why it should be one or the other, without at least starting their rant with "If Its not going to be both, which is the best option...."

I think I know why people don't do that. "Instead of arguing which is better, I'll be content with saying both would be best". If everyone is content with saying the OBVIOUS, which is "both would be best", WHAT ELSE is there to talk about??? The point of these "discussions" is to make a point that can be argued for and against, so that people can share different points of view, so that they have something to think about and talk about. It promotes thinking, reasoning, understanding others, and in this case, writing too, if someone cares enough to pay attention to what they're typing. If everyone just says, "yeah both would be best", then there's just.... nothing. Nothing to think about. Nothing further to say. It's a completely empty conversation. So to answer your question, it's because the "both would be best" stance is so obvious and mind-numbing that most don't bother to mention it.

The fact that people's arguments start becoming obnoxious is a different matter. The fact that people can't resist acting like arrogant and ignorant 8-year-olds doesn't mean "debating" is bad. It's not the debating. It's because people are people.

With your post, you're essentially asking questions like "Why do people fight?", "Why do wars exist?", "Why is human such an evil race and this world such a rotten place?", and screaming "STOP MAKING WARS AND JUST LIVE PEACEFULLY TOGETHER, HUMANS!" at random people. There's nothing wrong with asking yourself such questions, but, you know, they rarely lead you anywhere. You just realize that you can't change people. The best you can do is strive to be a better person yourself. That's about it.

Not that I have any problem with your post. I don't participate in any of the recent discussions regarding BG3, so I couldn't care less what people say. I just couldn't resist, sorry.

That said, I agree that having EVERYTHING as options so ANYONE can choose whatever they want is DEFINITELY the BEST outcome. (See, this is why I'm not participating in all these discussions.)

PS: It's "BHAAL", btw.

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