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[quote]The point of these "discussions" is to make a point that can be argued for and against, so that people can share different points of view, so that they have something to think about and talk about. It promotes thinking, reasoning, understanding others, and in this case, writing too.

While I appreciate that impressively optimistic take on this whole thing, I have to disagree. The point of overtly failing to point out the obvious solution, or in this case leave the best vote-able choice off of the poll, is not to promote discussion and growth, its to bait a fight for fun. Going hard into one side or the other without admitting that Both is the obvious solution is like throwing a mannequin into an intersection to watch the resulting crash. Its inciting drama and argument for no good reason.

This is in no way comparable to disagreements/fights over situations with no clear cut answer. Wars for example are generally over a lack of resources, they come into existence for measurable concrete underlying causes, and a failure or inability to find an alternative to conflict.

This situation is literally nothing like that. There's a simple, attainable, obvious solution. Also, the point of this forum is (at least I hope it is) to communicate with the Developers. While I appreciate your high-minded ideals of scholarly debate, the discussion of RTwP vs. TB could be had anywhere, it could even be had on these very forums, it just 100% does not have to be couched in terms of what this upcoming game should be. Argue the merits of either all you want, just do it on a general level, don't try to force it onto the actual game, when the game could just be both! Why are we wasting time communicating our ability to have pointless, infantile arguments, when we could simply all communicate that we would like the clearly most rewarding and objectively best outcome here, and anything less is just plain unacceptable?

If I walked into a room where two people were purchasing an RC Plane and one person was arguing that the landing gear should be cut off and destroyed because they only care about the plane flying, while the other was arguing that the wings should be cut off and destroyed because they only cared about it being able to roll down a landing strip, I wouldn't stop and appreciate the beauty of their scholarly discourse. I would call them both idiots, and let them know that if they just stop arguing, they already have something that gives both of them what they want.

Admittedly, all of this assumes that Larian studios possesses the necessary expertise and developing budget to provide a game capable of both RTwP and TB combat as options at the same time. I'm making that assumption because the two systems simply aren't that dissimilar, other studios with fewer resources have done it to excellent effect (see PoE 2), and I'm pretty sure the 19 years worth of improvements to game engines and developer expertise should make it a low bar to hurdle. Now if Larian's developers come out and say "Sorry but it would cost an extra $250M to have two combat systems, we're going with just one" then my assumptions will have been wrong, but I will be very surprised if that's the obstacle blocking this game from being awesome for both sides of the aisle.