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I know I will likely be ignored, but I really would like to see sparing use for quest arrows or markers in the main HUD. An alternative would be to flesh out the journal system for modern gamers.

So much this! Games that give you directions as you might get from a real life person are great and at it's heart Infinity Engine games are 'lawn mower' games. Now, in today's gaming world I don't think anyone expects to 'run the lawnmower' unless they are playing the newer IE games maybe. However, there should be a good deal of exploration and the way to make that an organic experience is to give directions (sometimes detailed, sometimes vague). If you point the PLAYER directly to the next quest objective then they are by definition robbed of any reason to explore. What is the point of filling a game world with a giant world to interact with and interesting NPC's to talk to if you're just going to hand hold them from one objective to the next?

Also, a couple of nice items hidden randomly throughout the world is always a nice touch (a-la diamond in a tree, ring of wizardry, ankheg plate, etc.)