I've been looking for something like BG or the Divinity games for a while now.

I was turned off BG as it exists now just because, and this is a bit silly, the presentation/graphics are a bit dated. I like to look at something pretty while I play, at least to a degree. Then I found out about the Divinity games, and was really close to just buying one, that is until I read some more about gameplay.

I was saddened to find out that the expansive list of abilities in BG wasn't present in Divinity games, it's trimmed down instead. I'm sure there are excellent reasons for this, but it also meant that the particular gameplay styles I enjoy simply aren't present.

BG 3 might be the best of both worlds for me, and I am endlessly excited about that possibility.
This isn't true for a huge number of people, and certainly not for the majority of people on this forum, but if BG 3 enables the archetypical gameplay styles I like then it'll be the first time for me to experience the world of D&D firsthand.