I've never played a cRPG in co-op in my life and even selfish people should prefer turn-based - it's more tactical, easier to read, easier to follow, can be faster than RTwP, and most importantly allows for straight porting of P&P rules.

The "I like automation" isn't even an argument. Party AI systems can be implemented in turn-based games if you like just watching people do stuff instead of actually playing out the encounters.

Seems like the people who defend RTwP simply like to breeze past combat encounters as fast as possible, and as such prefer the system because it doesn't force them to interact with the combat mechanics. Your average joe can breeze through BG1, 2, IWD, and PoE on core rules without really knowing what the fuck is going on mechanics wise.

Personally, none of the defining features of Baldur's Gate II were the real-time with pause system, so I'd welcome a change to a system that allows more depth, better pacing and faithful recreation of the ruleset.