So I have been playing Pillars of Eternity 2, which I consider to be the closest spiritual successor of the BGate franchise. It’s newly released turn based mode actually manages to not betray everything I love about infinity engine gameplay. Its core feels intact, I even recommend playing that way for extra tactical space, especially on higher difficulty. The pacing does take a dip, and that is the main problem. Baldur’s Gate typically navigates complex encounters with ease, and if you don’t pause at the right time you might be screwed. It’s a lot snappier that way but can get hectic especially with epic mage battles. All said if the game tries to be cinematic in the way of Dragon Age or the Witcher, I think real time with pause will keep cinematic pacing better. So I’m waiting to see how far they lean in which direction. If it’s isometric I’ll be down for turn based, but 3rd person id prefer real time