The whole argument is really making me worried. Worried for Larian's future. We D&D fans can be horrible and unforgiving at times. Me personally would prefer turn based, as I struggle with RTwP in multiplayer as there tends to be no pausing and I struggle with the pace. On saying that, I still really enjoy my multiplayer RP sessions either way. So I'm not going to get too worked up over which method is used. Some of the arguments for and against seem a bit superficial and petty in my own opinion. My main concern is that the player base will react negatively to something that isn't that important overall(again my own opinion) and the game fails unnecessarily. A lot of my fears are based on the player reactions to Sword Coast Legends and how that led to N-Space's demise. Sure there were what was perceived to be a lot of failings in that game. I myself thought it failed in a few places, but I still had a lot of fun with what we were given.

My advice to players?
We are being given a gift, sure one we pay money for, but a gift nonetheless. Have fun with what we are given, don't let something like game mechanics overshadow the potential fun to be had, and most importantly don't forget D&D is about the imagination and the wonderful stories we can tell. Any tool that lets us tell stories(even stories with a story) is a wonderful thing I think.

Love and sausages people.

Love and sausages xx