I disagree with the idea that we should accept whatever game Larian gives us and be happy with it. I have very strong feelings about any game that carries the "Baldur's Gate" name, and that means there are some red lines for me:

1) In translating tabletop rules to a video game, yes it will be necessary to make some modifications to make a game work. But beware of gutting entire systems of rules that are fundamental to D&D, for example the system of spell slots, spell memorization, and resting to renew spells. Replacing this system with cool-downs, for instance, would nullify the game as a true D&D game.

2) The game must stay true to D&D and Forgotten Realms lore. Period.

3) The game must be party-based.

4) The single-player side of the game cannot be secondary to the co-op side of the game. The game's systems and content must be built from the ground up equally for single-player as for co-op.