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- Along this vein, please avoid giving out overpowered/end game equipment and then taking it away to start the next game. D&D 5e has brought magical equipment back in to the realm of being rare and, while powerful nowhere near the ridiculousness of 3.x / 4e magic items. It's ok for the party to end the first game with mostly +1 / low level items and maybe just a couple of +2 / mid-level items... In fact 5e has several magical items that don't give enhancement at all, but other useful benefits.

- Please don't give us a D&D story with non-D&D mechanics. It has been SOOOOO LOOOONG since a good D&D came out. It would be nice to actually have it be a true D&D game. Use the 5e mechanics (with feats and racial bonuses/negatives, etc.) as fully as possible and stick as close to the rules system as possible. If you make changes to one part it will impact other parts and make the game end up looking nothing like D&D.

D&D 5e has in my opinion brought the system back closer to what it was in AD&D (1e / 2e) and I am very glad BG3 is being made when the ruleset has seemingly come 'full circle'. I was ok with 3.x, but always felt the emphasis was far too centered around 'builds' while 4e was something I would barely classify as relating to any previous iteration of D&D. 5e is the first time since 2e where I feel they got it right and improved upon the mixture of supporting roleplay and mechanics. I just really hope for a game that embraces this.

This! So agree with a lot oft his Chad... Check out my post from earlier:


Also... Changed from spells per day / rest to on CDs?
Oh geezzz!! please no!
The wizards / magic-users of D&D are not constantly at war.. not constantly churning through 100 enemies a day ala Diablo... I sooo hope they don't change mechanics that much...

I understand that they are trying to market a new younger generation, BUT don't throw out the baby with the bath water! --> The game needs to be as internally consistent as possible! The gameplay needs!!! to fit its narrative!

P.S. Do any game developers read these forums?