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I saw a trend in games over the last few years that really turns me off to video games and that's the "tree" leveling system. Neverwinter online has it , and many others. I hope this game will have a feat system like neverwinter nights and the 3.0/3.5 systems had along with Dungeons and dragons online. Feats... Feats... Feats!!

Umm... Feats are basically just skills, while "tree" is just a representation style. If you want, you can draw pretty much any skill system, feats included, into a tree, each skill having its own prerequisites, Power Attack leading to Cleave leading to Great Cleave, etc. The "tree" is just more visual, and it's easier for you to get an overview of everything in it. Usually. On the other hand, if you don't like trees you can totally replace them with plain lists... This has no bearing on the system itself, or how anything works.

You said the "tree" leveling system turns you off but didn't explain what exactly the problem is here.

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