I have a whole lot of hopes, ideas and expectations for the game, but if there's one thing I hope gets implemented more than anything else it's proper itemisation.
Most of Larian's games feature randomly generated items with a handful of uniques thrown in here and there, resulting in very "Prefix weapon of Suffix" Diablo-esque loot that often is divided by different tiers represented by different colours. Personally I don't mind this since the unique weapons tend to stick out when compared to normal weapons due to their rarity, uniqueness and [generally] higher stats that ensure they remain useful far beyond the point where you obtain them.

However in Larian's most recent game, Original Sin 2, the stats on characters and items increase exponentially every time you level up. It's not noticeable during the beginning of the game, but once you reach the final third of the game (around level 14 and onwards) your items start to become noticeably weaker when you level up and if you don't seek out new equipment for your party you will quickly be very undergeared for the challenges ahead. Worse of all, this means that a random white level 20 butter knife you found in a random crate on a random street is significantly more powerful than a legendary level 19 sword.

One of the good parts about static item placements and the itemisation in BG2 (and many other video games for that matter) is that you can actively seek out certain pieces of equipment if you want to use them, plan on making a specific build on a subsequent playthrough and so on. I understand that from a game developer's perspective the thought of players rushing through certain parts of an area while ignoring all the quest and the like just to reach a piece of equipment might not be appealing, but I don't think a 'fix' to this non-existent problem should come at the cost of the natural feeling of progression.