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D&D tries to get as close to reality in a simulated world as possible!

It relies entirely upon internal consistency.

PnP can only do Turn based play, but with computers we can move forward to a more realistic type of game play. How is taking turns to have a go realistic? It isn't! RTwP is by far more realistic and in the vein of true D&D IMO.

I do hope that their engine 4.0 allows RTwP!
How realistic is it for a bunch of characters to move around and do stuff before another character has a chance to do anything? Next thing you know they are dead! It is so unrealistic!! It does lead to some interesting tactics, but nothing that can't be done on RTwP.

Also TB takes a lot longer to play. Not every fight should be extremely risky or hard... Again that isn't realistic. Having some harder fights and some easier fights is what it would be like if forgotten realms was real.... TB would make such fights tedious, but RTwP means you can just let them have a good old hit, so you sit back and watch, and the fight is done for you. Misses with D&D?? No issue, just sit back and pause when you need specific things done. Harder fights? Micromanage as you need too.... It is not an issue!

RTwP does require some AI and "programming" of the characters that you use, but it just saves time in the long run!

Please if people are going to argue TB versus RTwP please describe why they prefer one over the other rather than just using "I prefer" or "TB rules" etc...

How is pausing in the middle of the action any more realistic than TB? If anything TB is more realistic because the pace is even throughout the encounter, instead of being constantly interrupted by pauses.

"Also TB takes a lot longer to play."
Not necessarily true.

"Not every fight should be extremely risky or hard"
Doesn't have anything to do with TB.