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the baldur's gate i grew to love wasn't really about co-op or multiplayer but single-player. it seems their motto of 'gathering a party' is all about multiplayer or co-op this time. which in my eyes a wrong approach. they might as well make a new title but don't call it baldur's gate 3. but baldur's gate online?

Swen has said the game will be both single player and co-op, but I very much share your concern too. Playing the D:OS games it is very obvious the focus for the devs was the co-op game. The games could still be played single player if someone wanted to do so, and as such they marketed them as single player too, but the truth is they were not BUILT for the enjoyment of the single player preferring people. Is this how they will approach BG3 as well? Or will the single player experience be a conscious and equal focus of the devs in building the game? This is a huge question for me.