Like... only half of the sidequests and Containers are available in each playthrough, these are randomly rolled, and loot is not fixed but from a (or muliple, tiered) set table(s) that do(es) include a pity mechanism so it can't remove all daggers for my rogue companion and spam me with wands only? I would go for that. sure. It sounds like a major timesink to implement this just right (pity mechanism not too strong nor too weak, +1/+x and/or special bonuses should be rare by default as set by DnD 5e lore, this simplifies the table(s) a lot yay smile ) also add in some funny gimmicks/easter eggs for finding the cooler 10% of the containers if they are empty, making them never empty just variying in direct mechanical usefulness.

Characters naturally migrate and the bar is actually visited by 20-30 people, but rarely more than 7 at a time (more in the evening) quests being mutually exclusive but not too much on the nose for that, just a 2-3 part easter egg collection that explains how a quest you did made another quest unavailable (saved some chickens -> someone eats one, dies to salmonella -> some diary in an abandoned hut says "i wanted to get her a ring, but she is dead now" -> find the guy grieving at a tomb later, but not telling you the story. Guy just wants to be left alone. Damn thats grim. I am a monster. Chicken saving mutually exclusive with grilled (therefore not salmonella infected) chicken ending. Grilled chicken mutually exclusive with starving beggar quest. There, better!) damn that would be a hell of a lot of work. But In the Announcement they did check off overdelivery. And player agency i guess? :hihi: Replay value: immense.

Rolling your stats P&P Style is prone to some abuse in at least single player. If they can disincentivize scummy behavior I am all for it though. I just do know myself and... smirk I'm scum.