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@Raze: any word on this from Larian?

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+1 for a Linux version. And also no matter if there is a port or not i would love to know from the side of Larian if the fact that they will have a Stadia version makes linux porting any easier than otherwise.

It naturally should make it easier. Unlike the situation with Divinity: Original Sin, where Linux port was problematic due to middleware and such, which caused D:OS2 not to come out for Linux at all, now that Laran are developing for Stadia, whatever engine they'll use (custom or common like Unreal / Unity), they'll have to make it work on Linux.

So to make it work on normal desktop Linux, they'll just have to make Vulkan backend go to screen, not to video, and replace Stadia's SDK input handling with normal SDL and such. A lot less work than what was needed for their previous games. All the heavy lifting would be already done. So unless they'll make some hard dependency on multiplayer over Stadia (I surely hope they don't, and they are already releasing it in other stores anyway so it seems to be a non issue), this should be easy to do.

Intuitively that is what i believe as well. But i would love to hear their experience directly. One thing that i am sure though is that using Vulkan for the game (i assume the windows version will also use vulkan) it would be straightforward to whitelist on Proton. Even DO:S 2 with all the issues you mentioned works perfectly fine (using the GOG copy and Lutris).

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