Aren't devs willing to patch the item handler limit of 64.000 that render the game useless?
The game is a time bomb! It will fails no matter what... I never saw somethings like that!
My playthroug of many hours are useless! I can't even play anymore because some bad code you Larian made, but the real problem is that you are aware of the issue and pretends It is ok to let It be and tell the users to "Just don't craft/trade/etc. a lot"... Is like saying Just don't play a Lot!
It is a real problem that should be taken seriously, you ruined my game, made me waste my precious time getting decent equipments because the drop rate and vendor itens are most trash.
I Lost many hours of my life doing a beautiful playthroug and it is now unplayable. ALL my Fun was throwed into the trash! All my goals was doing some Fine characters with a strong build and equipment and I can't even play my save game anymore!

I Hope you guys have some decent and do something about It, in ALL my life I never become so infuriated because a game, It made me waste my time and I no longer wants to replay It or buy the Divinity 2 because I don't want to support a Studio who threat users like this.