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Temple of Elemental Evil is the most accurate implementation of any DnD system into a video game engine to date and it used turn based combat. of course it also was a broken mess and took years of modding to make it play properly, and thats why the system was never adopted

What do you mean by "the system was never adopted"? What system?
ToEE had a lot of development trouble and was developed in 1 year. That's why it was so buggy and is lacking in everything that isn't combat and character customization.

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Furthermore, look at the companies that keep making these kinds of games. Beamdog has basically dug up the corpse of baldurs gate and implemented a bunch of thingst hat already existed as free mods, and to add insult to injury made it impossible to buy the original verison of the game anywhere.

I agree with the general sentiment on Beamdog, but you still get a key for the original games when you buy the EE on GoG.