RTWP is a terrible system that leads to Basic attacks following a turn based models while spells are cast in real time

What? In BG games, for example, you can make anywhere from 0 to 9 basic attacks per 6 seconds, while you can cast exactly one spell per 6 seconds unless you have the Improved Alacrity effect. So I have no idea what you mean by this.

If anything, you have "caster supremacy" because being a caster is generally more exciting and stimulating than being an auto-attack machine. Being a caster generally means you are capable of handling a lot of different kinds of situations. You can choose to spam spells or be an auto-attack machine, you can buff your summons and watch them wreck things, and in most cases, it takes a caster to counter a caster. Also, mages/sorcerers are OP as hell in BG2/NWN. At least, these are the reasons why I personally prefer being a caster over a typical fighter. Has nothing to do with what combat system the game uses. I prefer magic path in HOMM3 too.

The only reason people like RTWP is because of some conservative clinging to the Infinity engine games.

Yeah? I don't know... I'm sure there are plenty of players like me - I like RTWP well enough. It works. I enjoyed Divine Divinity. I enjoyed Dragon Age Origins. And I can enjoy TB at the same time. I enjoyed HOMM3. I enjoyed DOS games. So am I a "conservative clinging to the Infinity engine games"? Why don't you tell me? Cause you seem to know me better than I know myself. How do you know that every single person who can enjoy RTWP combat is a "conservative clinging to the Infinity engine games"?

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