Iuris Tantum ToEEs engine was never adopted in the same way that the infinity engine was, later DnD games used different systems, not that there were many good DnD games after that.
and yes you can get the old games, but only if you buy the overpriced enhanced edition that offers nothing that free mods dont offer, besides an expansion that was universally hated.

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Attacking and mocking people who have a different preference than you sure is going to win over people. Keep dreaming.

But two can play at that game. RTwP is superior to TB in every single way. TB is a shitty old system that is a leftover holdover from tabletop gaming and clings to the limitation of tabletop gaming that no longer applies when using a computer medium. TB is essentially for people who don't have the mental capacity to handle RTwP. It serves the lowest common denominator as a dumbed-down combat system, and so of course if you want your game to sell to the dumb masses who are incapable of appreciating a sophisticated game, then you go with TB (see for example D:OS2). See? Easy-peasy.

You can take my comments any way you want, that doesnt make it wrong.
Especialy considering you have to misrepresent my argument to "turn the tables" on me.
Your argument would work if you were arguing in favor of proper real time combat, which you are not. It is however true that turn based combat is a holdoer from tabletop games and boardgames, however it is also one that was expanded upon by computer gameplay by simplifying the math as it is done by the computer.

I also like that you used your played up outrage over my post to repeat the same tired old nonsense i heard from those that cling to RTWP.
So lets put this to rest: RTWP is not a more complicated system than turn based.
It is not harder, it does not require more attention, in fact the opposit is the case. You do not have to commit to an action in RTWP, you can go back on any descision you make.
RTWP is literaly, as you put it, a dumbed down system for the masses.
You chose the wording here not me, RTWP was a way to make DnD combat simpler for the PC gaming audience that didnt want to spend a lot of time on the filler encounters. Filler encounters that in modern game design, should not even exist anymore.

As for Try2Handing

I am refering to spells beeing able to start casting at any point. as such the system for casting and that for melee and ranged attacks works in a different way.
And yes as you see, Caster supremacy is a thing in DnD (save for 4e anyway), and as you rightuflly point out, this is moreso true in RTWP.
As far as i know, things like ToB that attempted to fix this in 3.5 were never implemented into any of the RTWP rulesets.
Meanwhile actions like trip or disarm generaly dont work very well in hectic RTWP combat, a Battlemaster fighter based on 5E rules would be much more capeable in a turn based setting.

And yes, i also enjoyed those games, i especialy enjoy Icewind Dale 2. Doesnt mean i want another game with that system.
As far as im concerned, were getting something different alltogether, and if we get turn based, well have RTWP as an option to placate the fans.
But if we end up getting stuck with a sub par combat system due to fan pressure, then the entire game is going to pay the price of this stubbornnes.