First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on getting BG3!!

So, I have played Divinity Original Sin (1) from start to finish and loved it! I got DOS 2 for Christmas (2018) and as of now I just started playing it and I have to say, its very frustrating!

What do I mean, well, there are just TOO many character choices/options to pick and if a error is made, no way to fix that till end of Act 1.
It literary gives me a headache to try and pick a class that can survive Act 1, now maybe I'm a bad player, so be it but a game being played on normal should not give anyone a headache in trying to decide what roles each character should play and trying to get a survivable party together.

Im all in for a open world, be what you want to be , yata yata yata, its all good especially for game PR but we need to be realistic, its a game for people to have FUN
I cant tell you how many times I read, "I had to start all over" so many times because of bad party composition/creation, (hell, I bet even the developers were overwhelmed in trying to keep everything straight in their heads/game). Do you have statistics of how many people actually finished the game?

I watched some of BG/BG2 EE edition and I noticed that it has an AI that can be assigned to each character so that you don't have to micro manage everything, I hope that stays in BG3.

So, bottom line, dont make the game so overwhelming that the dev's are confused, players are confused and everyone gets a headache (yes they buy the game, you get the money but are they being served well?)

On normal difficulty , no one should be confused or get a headache.

The story and exploration (loot yes, everyone likes "shiny toys") should be the main driver of the game (RPG), in my view there should be limited character creation for characters that are in the game already (party members). Only ONE character should have the full scale of character creation, from looks to states), everyone else should have rolls already assigned and ready to go, you use them or not, that's the players choice and every party member should should have a AI that can be assigned to them based on their roll/talents (as in the BG1/2 EE)

I'm still playing DOS2 and I'm getting there but its a slog (just got my collar removed), my party is not op but I am NOT starting over no matter what.

Dont make the Acts so uneven, it should be a even flow act1, 2, 3 (that's if you have Acts in BG3), DON'T expect the player to "steal" everything to get ahead (like in Act 1 of DOS2 and then have everything just about handed to them in Act2/3)

Just my thoughts, if you don't agree, that's fine, I probably did not fully explain my frustration with ACT1 of DOS2, I just hope that BG3 will be "better", I know you can do it Larian!