hotmac if you cant do anything wrong, you also cant do anything right.
DnD is noteable for having a lot of trap options, OS2 is much more forgiving in that regard.
Personally i think getting rid of options to make it harder to fuck up is... not in the spirit of RPGs. I can see something like a "guide" for leveling up, NWN2 had somehting like auto picking options for your build but half of the time the game picked things that were garbage, but still, the idea isnt bad.

Have somehting that guides new players by the hand, but not removing options from the game, the older games also didnt do this. And when i look at modern RPGs, one of the most common complaint is that they are too casual.

As for Fort Joy, i personally love the openness of fort joy and i wish the other two acts were also like that. It would be even better if the world wasnt so static and would react to what you do. But im a big fan of simulation in video games, Baldurs Gate 3 probably isnt the right game to push in that direciton as theres a certain expectation from CRPGs that the Player is what guides the world not hte other way around.