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I agree with your overall sentiment though. As I already expressed and elaborated in the other RTwP v. TB thread, RTwP seems to be defended solely by people who don't care much for the combat and would rather get it over with asap. I don't get why they have such strong feelings on the combat system when they can just skip it by playing on lower difficulties.

Please don't generalise one person's sentiments to everyone. I care a lot about combat, and one of the best parts of Baldur's Gate series' was its combat system. After playing the same game 10 times, the story loses it's effectiveness, and you start only focusing on the combat. That's the main reason why many people still continue to enjoy Baldur's Gate after numerous times of playing it. And it being RTwP has a huge effect in this. I know a lot of people who feel similarly, so no need to generalise everyone you don't agree with just for the sake of trying to win the argument.

What do you enjoy about BG2 combat? I can perfectly see that BG1-2 are the best RTwP systems still 20 years later, in large part because they efficiently use its strengths to its full potential (by having you fight trash mobs a lot of the time and allowing spammable resting) but I can't really see anything that couldn't be done better in a turn-based system.

They were until last year, but Pathfinder Kingmaker has done it better. The game's encounters aren't as good but the system itself is clearly better.

It is also a really good system in the absolute, as is the PoE system. Both are superior to the D:OS system in every possible way including being more sophisticated, deep and tactical.