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why dont you explain what makes the combat system good.
Because in my opinion, you just stop paying attention to 5/6 fights. Oh look its goblins again, lets just autoattack them to death. or lets just cast fireball and thats that.
From what ive heard from people that enjoy RTWP, the parts about RTWP they actually like, as in, the planning ahead, the thinking what each character is going to do.
The identifying of enemy casters and what they are going to do.
All of that exists in turn based systems. But without the tedium of trash monsters.

There are a lot of things, but the main thing is the flow in RTwP is realistic. If you want to make a new decision, you can pause and give the command and let it flow. It's both tactical, and realistic. TB is not realistic, because, I know this might come as a surprise to you guys, but real combat in real life would actually be real time. Nobody waits for each other to take their turns. Pausing in RTwP does not represent taking turns, it actually represents the ability to make an instant decision, just like how you would do in real combat as if you were fighting.

Your point about goblins and thrash mobs etc is not relevant to the system, it's about the encounters. So yeah, you can criticise the encounters in Baldur's Gate 1, but that doesn't make the system itself any worse. Another thing that can be criticised for the Baldur's Gate games is the AI. The AI for RTwP needs to be much more sophisticated as RTwP requires many more parameters for the AI to take into, and those parameters are constantly changing, not just once per each turn. However, there is a mod called SCS(Sword Coast Stratagems) for Baldur's Gate which makes the AI incredibly sophisticated and provides a huge amount of tactical depth to the combat, more than you can have in TB as in TB the parameters and the possibilities are limited.

So, if a mod developed by 1 person for a 20 year old game can provide this sophisticated tactical depth which makes the game replayable unlimited times, then Larian has no excuses not being able to implement that sophistication in their own AI with RTwP. I'm sure they're able to do it, but I'm not sure why we are even debating the system as we are talking about a Baldur's Gate game here, not Divinity as far as I know. Larian has the ability to implement any combat system, just because they have done TB for some Divinity games doesn't mean their skills are limited to TB only.

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