Congrats Larian, I am quite happy you got this I.P


Lengthy item descriptions and lore for magical items. It's a lot cooler finding the ancient sword of kick ass when its a part of the world. Have npcs comment on it. Have rivals attempt to steal it. This is something i missed greatly in kingmaker.

Minimum random loot. The loot in DOS2 just felt like number upgrades.

When dealing with gods or beings of incredible power please use appropriate gravitas. Why would a gods talk with the player? They have bigger and better things to do. If they do communicate, doing it through signs or a natural event. A river turning into blood. A white stag walking and directing the player to a goal. A symbolic dream.

Do evil right and give them proper motivation to be where they are at.

Robust level and campaign editor. It would be awsome if there was a d&d video game engine that had new modules released for it and created by the community, like nwn.

Turn based combat. You guys know how to do this well. Rtwp multiplayer will be too chaotic and counter intuitive. Considering the release on stadia im not to worried about this.

Conservative/realistic art direction. I thought the DOS2 elves looked weird. Their clothes were really out there.