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The biggest problem Larian faces in making BG3 is their own hubris. Being told repeatedly by gushing and fawning reporters and critics that their game is the "awesomest game ever made," even though this is far from true, may result in Larian actually believing that BS and saying to themselves: "We already made the awesomest game ever, so why not just do the same exact thing again?"

In creating BG3, Larian would be very well served by talking to and sincerely listening to people who DON'T gush and fawn all over D:OS2 and who have critical things to say about that game.

well said. if you watched kotaku interview, that journalist consistently been pushing his own request to sven telling him please be turn-based. larian already made 2 turn-based games and seems rather successful with it. seeing that their whole fanbase were turn-based purist as well as the game highly pitched for co-op and multiplayer (where the original baldur's gates were greatly loved for it's singleplayer and combat) and DnD i afraid i'm kind of expecting to see a DOS2 clone with Baldur's Gate on it. If you watched some of Sven interviews (i watched them all), Sven were saying it's not a DOS2 clone simply for a few things: DND, Class-Based compared Classless ,Baldur's Gate settings and the serious/gritty visual representation of the trailer. To me these alone cannot cover it as not being a divinity clone.

What they are planning really has me worried as a Baldur's Gate fan. It will be perfectly fine with me if they use another title such as Baldur's Gate Online instead of calling it Baldur's Gate 3. It's just simply isn't BG3 as it has no continuation of the Bhaalspawn story and BIG possibility it's not RTwP.

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