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dont know what to tell you mate. No. The infinity engine beeing RTWP was just something that happened more on accident than anyhting else.
I get that you like it more, but dont make it sound like some grand revelation, it was a thing that happened because of circumstance and nothing more.

Say what?

A grand revelation is exactly what it was. As this is a BG3 forum, I'll assume you've played the previous BG games, but I'm not sure you realize how leading-edge the RTwP dynamic was. It almost certainly was the first system that allowed people who never played pnp tabletop DnD a chance to seamlessly experience it on the computer, in a triple A title, without any prior knowledge of the DnD game. People waited years and years for such a thing. That's not something that occurred by "accident'.

Furthermore, to say that the way in which the RTwP dynamic was designed was an accident is a massive insult to the people who created it. The programmers who interpreted the pages and pages of rulebooks and manuals into a working, real-time system in which you could use all those stats, player states, tables, etc, to define and dictate exactly what happened whenever you un-paused your game and watched the engine work? All their work was an accident? I don't think so.

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