i play all sort of games since 80 decade and i never saw soo many puzzles like dos 2, if game have 100 hour you spend 4 hour playng indeed and 96 doing puzzles(our looking for key in map), i play i know. bg 2 have 1 our 2 puzzles brcause of that the game flow much better than dos 2, larian need learn about this
Other think that bg2 do better than any other game.. is you fear h=who have more power than you, if you see a lich i know that is a matter of time thatt you will die if you isnt at a high lvl, who dont remember the iconic lich kangax of bg 2 ? I belive other think that should back from bg series is spells hit kill , like imprisionament, petrify, and death spells, you fail in save and is game over
Sorry my english isnt my language mother.

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