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-timestop spell for wizards and spellcasters
-new neverseen locations
-dark fantasy tone
-rogue stones could lead you to the lairs of the liches, demiliches etc.
-dynamic environment design for some secrets (hidden walls, destructible walls, spell-locked doors)
-interesting companion dynamic (Yoshimo can betray you in due time)
-exploring various neverseen planes and realms through the portals
-drow city and spider queen boss encounter
-intrigues, conspiracies, mysteries and rituals
-witches factions
-mimic monsters (various designs with traps)
-wicked and twisted characters, monsters and bosses
-floating city https://i.pinimg.com/originals/4e/73/de/4e73deb478031e1d6aaa651380d75398.jpg

Yes! To all of those!

And that castle would be an amazing location!!