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The biggest problem Larian faces in making BG3 is their own hubris. Being told repeatedly by gushing and fawning reporters and critics that their game is the "awesomest game ever made," even though this is far from true, may result in Larian actually believing that BS and saying to themselves: "We already made the awesomest game ever, so why not just do the same exact thing again?"

In creating BG3, Larian would be very well served by talking to and sincerely listening to people who DON'T gush and fawn all over D:OS2 and who have critical things to say about that game.

This is actually a very important point, and Larian's biggest disadvantage at the moment. They are being treated by everyone like the gods of rpgs, which inevitably makes them feel like they know the best about everything. It looks like they will apply all these changes and simplifications to D&D mechanics and more specifically to Baldur's Gate, disguised under 'modernisation' but actually we all know it will be only dumbing down so that average 10 year old boy with the attention span of a dog does not get frustrated in the first 3 seconds he doesn't get what he wants.

There's a reason why Baldur's Gate series is considered the most successful rpg series of all time, and a reason why still a huge number of people still play it instead of many newer RPGs, Divinity included. Assuming things that worked in Divinity will work in Baldur's Gate by default is the biggest mistake Larian seems to have been in progress of making, based on the information revealed in the interviews. Wizards of the Coast approving these changes still does not confirm they are in the right way either, because Wizards of the Coast has a different agenda of its own. They want D&D to be more popular, and think making it more aligned with current game trends will provide that. But actually, it will make it lose its uniqueness and authenticity.

I can already foresee the huge amount of backlash that will follow the release of Baldur's Gate III. It doesn't matter the amount of graphical improvements they will make, they are irrelevant compared to the feel and atmosphere of the game. My only wish is that I am wrong, or they come down to earth and start listening to the actual fans of Baldur's Gate series, not just their own Larian worshippers.