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Exactly. All very true (pathetic Larian sycophants not withstanding). If every single person who bought D:OS2 buys this game (because they justifiably believe it is a D:OS2 clone in BG packaging), and a few other D&D fans also buy the game (because they get taken in by the Baldur's Gate title), it will be a colossal failure for Larian as a AAA game. So Larian has to dumb down the game from core D&D 5e rules to draw in millions of casual gamers who are typically turned off by the very mentioning of "RPG" which they interpret as hard/complicated/boring. And this is well beyond the dumbing down that Larian did with its D:OS games with their cartoonish setting, superficial characters, simplistic rules and mechanics, silly "humor," and gimmicky "environmental reactivity" (Oh look! An oil barrel, perfectly placed! Let's blow it up. Boom! HAHAHA!).

I could not DISAGREE with the above statement! RPGs are not dumbed down/boring/cartoonish or with superficial characters, is Red Dead Redemption1/2 boring/dumbed down or how about The Witcher? And there is noting wrong with humor or any other side foolishness in a game, in fact that gives it some character.

And as far as "easy" DOS2 is not easy and if anyone says it is than god help them for no game will satisfy that person (in WOW they call that an "elitist jerk" and WOW talk about cartoonish)

I love RPS for all the that they offer, great story, humor, fighting/battle, silliness or whatever the devs put in so that its not just a straight line to the story.

Yes, once the player finishes the game, it can get boring quickly (no replayability) but otherwise, RPGs are the best.

Reading your comment makes me ask, what in the hell do you want in a game, please gives us all a list.


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