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Exactly. All very true (pathetic Larian sycophants not withstanding). If every single person who bought D:OS2 buys this game (because they justifiably believe it is a D:OS2 clone in BG packaging), and a few other D&D fans also buy the game (because they get taken in by the Baldur's Gate title), it will be a colossal failure for Larian as a AAA game. So Larian has to dumb down the game from core D&D 5e rules to draw in millions of casual gamers who are typically turned off by the very mentioning of "RPG" which they interpret as hard/complicated/boring. And this is well beyond the dumbing down that Larian did with its D:OS games with their cartoonish setting, superficial characters, simplistic rules and mechanics, silly "humor," and gimmicky "environmental reactivity" (Oh look! An oil barrel, perfectly placed! Let's blow it up. Boom! HAHAHA!).

I could not DISAGREE with the above statement! RPGs are not dumbed down/boring/cartoonish or with superficial characters, is Red Dead Redemption1/2 boring/dumbed down or how about The Witcher? And there is noting wrong with humor or any other side foolishness in a game, in fact that gives it some character.

Where did I say any of this towards RPGs? I said these things specifically towards the D:OS games.