Where did I say any of this towards RPGs? I said these things specifically towards the D:OS games.[/quote]

Im playing DOS2 right now (late, yes) and I'm having fun, Fort Joy was tough for me as I made an error in class selection but I told myself that I would not restart and I made it out of the fort. The game is very relaxing/fun and frustrating at times to play.

I don't think that DOS2 was as well constructed as far as class selection (once you where in the game) as DOS1. The one thing I hate/hated was when you met your possible companion and had to select their role, there was no way for you to know what stats they would have (more or less) unless you went online and looked it up somewhere, I don't believe that should have been designed that way! (that's where I screwed up, have two casters with Hydro and Air), you should have been able to see the stats in game before picking a role for them.

I think the DOS games have a lot of replayability to them, the story would be the same but at least you can roll play many different characters, unlike lets say in Red Dead or The Witcher

But to each his own, I do hope that they stay true to the BG "style" and not try to make it like DOS games, I do want voice acting in the game, without the VA I would have not played DOS1 or 2, which is why I wont play Pillars of Eternity, I play on console and I don't want to go blind reading the screen for xhours per play, also, VA adds a certain ambience to the game, narration and NPC's talking.

So, if I misunderstood your commentary, well, its a short thread and everyone does not get their point across precisely, I'm sure you and others probably wont get the "jest" of what I'm saying as well.

We will see what Larian comes up with, a lot of these threads are kind of pointless because they are going to do what they are going to do.

Happy gaming