Good morning(or night),

I just forgot to the list :
Skills I find a bit weak/useless :
- Bless skill looks a bit weak, increase a bit characteristics for few time ? Increasing value of time shall be cool ?
- Curse : As it is a spell who weaken magic resistances, maybe increase duration and "zone effect" shall be nice to make it more useful ?
- Auras of protection : First level gives 60 aura shield then +20 per skill ?! Maybe something like 30/60/90/130/180 to increase intrest to have it at huge level ?
- Might does the "same" than "bless" but only for might... A skill just to increase one stat temporarily ?! Maybe something who decrease the mana costs of some spells or/and increase their effects ?
- Maybe fade from sight shall require less level ? As there is many other ways to not be seen...

You're very fast to answer, Raze ! I thank you alot ! I noticed I had not your famous "welcome to the forums" ? But your fast and nice answer (as usual) say the same. So thanks for your constant and patient answering.

About your answers :
- And you know how to "repair" the bugs ? The latest patch does it ? I think I hadn't it because I wasn't playing with english version of game...
- Yes for repair but 60% for one skill point then +10% per level ? Why not 20% per level ? Here it would require (at level 1) a 5 durabiltty item to be repaired, that shall be nice for start !
- Okay for rat's "distraction" but as they are "onehitted", its a short distraction, no ? Entire skill just do distract a bit ennemies... A skeleton shall do that better, no ?
- Ah, I didn't remember it increases for meteor, I read that was linear progression... In locus inn : 8+20 - 2MP / 16+36 - 3 MP / 24+48 - 4MP / 32+68 - 5MP / 40+84 6MP cost. So its really near a linear progression, no ?
- Once more, some other skill (invisibility) does the same... Not very intresting I find to get two skills who finally have quite the same use... But the second stronger than the first. And a potion does the same no ?
- Yes, disks can sometimes be effective but frequently are not... That's why I'd suggest a little amelioration... The thing I truly like with spikes is : damage increases AND zone effect. So you really see amelioration with levels ! That is very cool ! I really like this skill as it is nor "overpowered" nor "bad".
- For anti-resistance, as you have to cast a spell then swap spell then cast other spell to make it of use, I suggested a "zone of effect" to make it more "intresting"
- For skill, yes, they should remain maxed but... As far as I remember, they were not ? Maybe latest patch correct this ?
- Yes, restoration potion are "necessary" but mana gets burned very quicky compared to life for warriors. At start, I can do dungeon and just heal a bit sometimes ; levels do the regen job. With mages, that's different, you need resplenish your mana very frequently...

Okay, there is no mod... But maybe there is a way to "change a bit those things" are not particulary efficicient ? For a new patch of the game or just fan made if Larian is okay for that ? I'm surprised it didn't intrest players "fan of the game" to have "more useful" skills ?
Again, thanks alot for your time.

Have a good day !