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As I said in the poll thread, I don't see any point to making these requests here. The game has been in production since at least late 2017. Something as central to a game as its combat system and other similar core mechanics will have been among the very first things Larian decided on and set all the way back then. And I'm sure their choice was TB, based on the false "lesson" they've taken away from the sales success of D:OS2. And since then, I am sure they have also been porting over other systems directly from D:OS2, because they've been told by D:OS fans and reviewers those systems are "the best" ever created. This is why I have no doubt this game will be essentially a D:OS game (in terms of its look and feel and how it plays) but of course with a D&D coat of paint over it.

i afraid i have to agree with you there. i've watched many of the interviews with sven. although he's reluctant to admit, it's very obvious they have changed the game to be a pure turn-based game. there's no other better way if you ask me? if their main focus is "gather your party". their cover up for being co-op and mutliplayer focused. i hope i'm proven wrong, but i very much believed that's what Larian has done.

not that bg3 will suxs with TB nor i doubt Larian's ability to make an awesome game. it's just that what they have done is making warcraft 3 (it's an RTS) to World of Warcraft. who ever said WoW suxs? as it's one of the most successful game in history that has top 15M active subes a decade ago? but think of those people who loved the Warcraft 3 franchise. Think of what Blizzard has done to their fanbase in the name of money? They are like the RTwP players.. and DOS2/TB are WoW players.

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