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You have to compromise the ruleset further to accomodate RTwP playability. Just look at Kingmaker.
They'd be dealing with two combat systems to design and balance, which isn't exactly easy and raises questions like should rule parity between the two be a thing. If they were to opt for rule parity, then the Turn-Based option would come out crippled inevitably by the concessions that have to be made in favour of RTwP.
You have examples of games that attempted both modes and were complete clown fests, like Arcanum and the Might & Magic series.

And what about PoE2? I've not played through much of it in either style, but it seems to work well enough from what I see online. I could see some people dismayed a bit because both the presentation of TB and the graphics in general of PoE2 aren't at the level of D:OS2, but you have to remember Larian will be able to put much more into both those areas for BG3. Without any official info released yet it's hard to picture, but I don't see why anyone wouldn't have confidence in studios this size figuring it out.

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The developers are seen on the modding forums periodically. I have no idea how much attention they're paying to this particular one.

Well, if you haven't gotten the request already, this is me formally requesting you or another Mod to, ummm... ask them.

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maybe because RTWP people are also those with 2 or 3 posts who recently popped up to push their agenda.

Yes, because we should just stay at any one of the OTHER official BG3 forums and spread our nonsense there...